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Citations Statistics of Biomedical Informatics Researchers

by Allison McCoy (Vanderbilt University Medical Center) and Jimmy Lin (University of Waterloo)

Disicipline-specific lists: [Information Retrieval] [Human-Computer Interaction]
See also: [Overall Top CS Researchers]

Editorial note: This list contains only researchers who have a Google Scholar profile; names were identified by snowball sampling and various other ad hoc techniques. Of course, scholarly achievement is only partially measured by citation counts, which are known to be flawed in many ways. Evaluations of scholars should include comprehensive examination of their research contributions.

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Data scraped from Google Scholar: "name", "citations", "h-index", and "i10-index" are from author profile; "year" denotes year of first citation.

Keywords: Clinical Informatics   Bioinformatics   Clinical Research Informatics   Consumer Health Informatics   Public Health Informatics  
Rank Name/Affiliation Year Citations /y h-index /y i10-index /y Keywords